Sussex IODE Telecom Program


Major Features

  • 20% discount on ALL services
  • No monthly fees
  • Available across Canada and in many international locations

Featured Services

  • Sussex HomePHONE ($15.95) - Free calling across Canada
  • Long Distance - As low as $0.039/min

Selected Other Services

  • Sussex Mobi-Fi - Tablet/Smartphone LD at $0.03/min
  • Cellular Elite - Cell phone long distance at great rates
  • Toll-Free - Available from most countries
  • Teleconferencing - Great for families to keep in touch
  • Business Lines - Huge savings!
  • HTS - No captial investment in equipment

In addition to providing you with great rates, ALL of the proceeds from this program are being donated to IODE Canada.

Technical and administrative support provided by Sussex.

You can also reach us at 1 (888) 378 - 7739

All prices shown are after discounts.